I’m Digging the ‘Ballet Core’ Trend

Photo of Coco Lavine

coco lavine ballerinaPhoto of Coco Lavine

Did you ever take ballet classes? Growing up, I adored them, and I still love watching performances (I mean!!!), so when Elle named ‘ballet core’ as a big spring trend, my heart leapt. Now I’m curious to hear your thoughts…

madewell black dress

1) Leotard necklines — think: scoop necks, spaghetti straps — make a whole outfit feel pretty and elegant. Three examples: dress, shirt, swimsuit.

gap sweater

2) A lightweight pink sweater makes you feel like an off-duty ballerina, grabbing a quick snack before rehearsal, nbd. Three examples: relaxed, shaker, cropped.

Loeffler Randall

3) Lastly, ballet flats are everywhere this spring in Brooklyn, and they look cool with jeans and dresses. I especially like the ones with a strap, since they feel more like an actual dancer. Three examples: classic, suede, splurge.

Thoughts? Would you wear ballet-inspired pieces? Even rosettes are a thing!

P.S. Ballet boys, Toby takes ballet, and does anyone remember this children’s book?

(Photo of Coco Lavine.)

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