My Packing List for England


What do you pack for trips? We’re excited to be heading to England this summer, and over the many years of visiting my grandmother, I’ve gotten my packing list down to a science. Here’s what I’m bringing along (and I’d love to hear your go-tos)…

1. The magic thing about a shirt dress is that it immediately makes you look put together. After a long flight or drive, slip it over your head and boom, you’re fresh and ready for drinks o’clock. Frank & Eileen are known for their splurgy but amazing ones, and Target and Universal Standard have great options, too.

2. I’m planning to wear a matching set on cliff walks, to the windy beach with the kids, and to get Shirley Temples at the pub. (More sets here, if you’d like.)

3. This top has the prettiest flowers, and I’m a sucker for romantic puff sleeves (like this eyelet one, too).

4. Old-school jeans, with a tiny bit of stretch, that just fit really well.

5. How cool is this green color? We always take a soft overnight bag along with suitcases; I’ll use it during the trip for books, beach towels, swimsuits, whatever we need for everyday adventures. Birdling is a female-founded brand with a cult following, and I love all their poppy colors.

6. Shopping for shorts always feels frustrating. They’re either too long, too short, too puffy, or too tight. Thankfully, this Goldlicks pair has a great wash and the length is just right. Done and done!

7. Loving these 100% cotton pajamas, which are block-printed in India. They are super, super lightweight, so they aren’t too hot at night; and they’re cute enough for padding around and drinking coffee in the morning.

8. Finally, woven sandals to wear everyday. Here’s another pretty pair in eight colors.

All in all, for a week in England, I’m packing: one terry sweatshirt, two dresses, two shirts, two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, flats, sneakers, pajamas, a suitcase, and an overnight bag. You can mix and match everything. Plus, of course, I brought underwear and bras; and my everyday makeup and skincare. That’s it!

What do you pack for trips? I’d love to hear.

P.S. My friend Susan’s genius packing tip, and Caroline’s vacation mistake. And here’s what I packed last fall and on another trip before that, if you’re curious.

(Top photo of Cornwall, England, by Belathée.)

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