‘We might still lose everything’: Canada firefighters tackle wildfires, town evacuated

  • Firefighters are racing to extinguish Canadian wildfires.
  • The town of Yellowknife was evacuated.
  • Unfavourable winds are driving the fire.

Canadian firefighters are racing against advancing flames on Friday to evacuate all residents from the remote northern city of Yellowknife, with unfavourable winds threatening to complicate one of the biggest rescue efforts of the fire season.

In Yellowknife, the capital city of Northwest Territories, fire crews and water bombers are trying to save the city of about 20 000 people from a massive wildfire that has forced an evacuation order for the entire population.

Some 10 evacuation planes ferried about 1 500 people out of the city on Thursday and about 22 flights are due out on Friday, while scores of people left via road, authorities said.

The massive fire to the northwest of Yellowknife only advanced by around 1km on Thursday, officials said, held back by winds. 

It is now about 15km away from the city and authorities expect the fires to reach the outskirts of Yellowknife by the weekend.

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“We’re heading into a critical couple of days in management of this wildfire,” Mike Westwick, the fire information officer for Yellowknife told reporters on Thursday.

He added:

Those are winds that will trend both of those fires in directions that we don’t want.

The expanse of fire risk and disruption to life and land underscores the severity of the worst-on-record Canadian wildfire season this year, with more than 1 000 active fires burning across the country, including 265 in the Northwest Territories.

AFP reported that Emergency responders were constructing firebreaks, installing sprinkler lines and water cannons, and laying fire retardant in an effort to prevent the blaze from reaching the city – which remained a real possibility in coming days, officials said.

Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca Alty warned drivers being led out in kilometres-long convoys that the flames were skirting the edges of highways and they would encounter limited visibility as thick smoke turned the sky orange.

Crews scrambled to erect fire barriers as one blaze got to within 16km of Yellowknife.

Water bombers were seen flying low over the city, and swooping in to fill up at a nearby lake.

This screengrab from a video provided by Jordan Straker shows vehicles driving on the freeway as people evacuate from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Resident Sylvia Webster said “a lot of trees were cut down and sprinkler lines were set up around the city” to bolster its defences.

“We might still lose everything, but that’s okay,” she told AFP.

“As long as our loved ones are safe, we can move on from there.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau interrupted his summer vacation Thursday to convene an incident response group.

Experts say climate change has exacerbated the wildfire problem. 

Drought has been a contributing factor to the number and intensity of this year’s fires, officials say, with high temperatures exacerbating the situation. 

Much of Canada has seen abnormally dry conditions.

Around 65% of the Northwest Territories’ 46 000 population look set to be evacuated.

As the evacuation effort in Yellowknife makes progress, the focus is shifting to the western province of British Columbia which is under the threat of dry lightning, igniting more blazes in its sun-baked forests. 

This handout satellite image courtesy of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite shows fires burning in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

This photo provided by the Canadian Armed Forces shows Land Task Force and 2 Division Members embarking the Polaris in Quebec City on their way to Yellowknife. Hundreds of people started to be airlifted to safety from remote villages threatened by wildfires in Canada’s far north after Yellowknife, the largest city in the region, declared an emergency.

The City of West Kelowna and the Westbank First Nation declared a local state of emergency on Thursday, with about 5 500 properties on evacuation alert.

Officials in British Columbia, which has suffered unusually intense blazes this year, warned residents to prepare for extreme fire conditions.

“The hot dry temperatures, mixed with forecasted dry lightning has increased the risk of wildfires throughout much of British Columbia,” provincial Emergency Management Minister Bowinn Ma told a briefing on Thursday.

The Pacific province has warned that the next 24 to 48 hours could be the most challenging from a fire perspective this year.

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